Resident Testimonials

 “My name is Andre E., I reside at the Chestnut Hill Lodge as a long term resident. I am writing on behalf of the new ownership of Premier Healthccare. I would like to commend their efforts in making Chestnut Hill Lodger!! They are changing lives giving the residents hope for a better life. The Administrator has seen my potential to walk again and has given me the gift of physical therapy, so I can walk again and live life once more!! Again, I would like to say thank you for having my best interest at heart, I almost had given up.” 

- Andre E.

“To all the CNA’s, nurses, social workers and flat-out everyone at Chestnut Hill Lodge, I want to openly give my thanks in helping me regain my functionality and normal abilities that most common individuals take for granted. Please, know it is not only me, but also my family whom thanks you for all of your work. I can only hope that other residents equally feel as I do in regards of appreciating all of you. Once again, thank you and may god bless you.” 

- Lillian S.

 “I like the activities offered here. I enjoy being around other people and I enjoy trying new things. Being involved in activities makes me happy and gives my family peace of mind.” 

- Carolyn T.

 “The staff was very friendly and helpful, the treatment was remarkable and I truly thank everyone involved in my care, they got me to a place I never thought I would be and in record time.” 

- Mr. K.

 “Having hospice services at Chestnut Hill Lodge insures that I get the extra care I need, and I appreciate that.” 

- Pedro F.

 “I feel [Chestnut Hill Lodge] has built a competent and caring team. …. I am grateful that Chestnut Hill Lodge was the place I was sent to for rehab. Thank you for forming such an effective facility.” 

- Richard S., Former resident

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